MIP at Grand Valley State University

Ottawa County – Hudsonville Location

Judge: Kenneth Post

If you have been charged with a Minor in Possession of Alcohol – MIP charge at Grand Valley State University and your case is being heard at the Hudsonville District Court, you need to take these charges very seriously. The Honorable Kenneth Post has a zero tolerance policy for minors consuming alcohol underage and clients, as well as lawyers, have been put in jail or held for bail money during a regular MIP case. Many students have seen the videos on YouTube circulated and think that they should simply plead guilty and take the fines and costs.

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Do Not Ruin Your Future!

One MIP conviction where you did not want to tell your parents or were too scared to request the diversion program can cost you your future. You may not get admitted into the competitive graduate school you have been coveting or you may not get that great entry level position in your new company due to a criminal background check.  Don’t think they will find this because it may not show up on the ICHAT website?  Companies are savvy and conduct local criminal background checks at every location you have resided or attended school.  They WILL find it!

Attorney Ray Purdy Knows the Hudsonville District Court

MIP Attorney Raymond Purdy has 32 years as both a deputy Sheriff and over 20 years as a prosecutor.  He regularly handles cases before Judge Post and knows how to navigate you through the court process and its ways of doing things. This means that before you go to court, you will know exactly what to expect in court procedure and how to handle yourself in front of the judge. Do not leave this to chance as one wrong word to the judge could severely jeopardize your chances at qualifying and receiving a diversion program sentence.

In a typical school year, the police will be out on “party patrols” and ticket a large amount of individuals, setting them for a round up day. We have seen the courtrooom split into two sessions due to the volume of students charged with Minor in Possession from GVSU.

Hire An MIP Attorney For Your Diversion Request

In Hudsonville District Court, it is unlike any court in the entire state as you have to plead guilty and qualify to even be considered for an MIP diversion. Even then the probation is typically 24 months and is very serious. If you are going to qualify and do all of the right things to give yourself the best chance as a successful sentencing, hire an attorney that has had a great deal of success getting his clients diverted sentences.

Ray has just launched a new website for GVSU students who receive a Minor in Possesion – MIP at Grand Valley State University.

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Important MIP Tips for GVSU Students

  • The judge will line everyone up and go through each case rapidly
  • You have little time to think – most students plead guilty and pay fines and costs
  • The court will allow a credit or debit card for fines and costs but not bond!

This means that if the judge sets his current $3200 10% bond, you had better have $320 in cash or you will be held in lock up until you can post it. This does not include the $10 for a drug test on top of the other cash needed. This is only if you plead not guilty and ask to speak with the prosecutor.

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Jail Time Alert!!! Social Host & Social Gathering charges at GVSU

This is a new tactic by the prosecutors and Judge Post to end the large parties that are prevalent on campus. Anyone who hosts a party is at risk of going to jail. I have personally seen Judge Post sentencing first offenders to 5 – 10 days in jail no questions asked.

I have advised hundreds of students charged with MIP at GVSU. I advise every one to hire an attorney to navigate their way through the system in Hudsonville.

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